Te Ara Whatu || our DELEGATION TO COP25

Keeping momentum.

In 2018, Te Ara Whatu sent its second delegation to Katowice, Poland for the UN’s 24th annual climate change conference. Just before the conference started, it was announced that Brazil had withdrawn their offer to host COP25 — and so the request went out to other Latin America and Caribbean countries for a host.

It has now been confirmed that a pre-COP conference will be held in Costa Rica and that COP25 will be hosted by Chile in December 2019. If you’re interested in being a part of next year’s delegation, applications are open until June 30th. Interested? Click below. ✌🏼

Once a new delegation has been formed, head back to this page for all the details about their haerenga!

Keen to know more? Here’s some of the media coverage so far about COP25:

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