Hannah with her mum

Hannah with her mum

Hannah Teipo

Born of the shores of the Cook-Islands and hills of Nagaland, Hannah Teipo is a melting pot of cultures. Raised in Rotorua, Hannah was immersed in many worlds including Te Ao Māori which she found most resonance in being a first generation New Zealander.

An avid environmentalist, Hannah has a passion for storytelling and the spiritual ties that we have with everything that exists. She believes kaitiakitanga is paramount and it is our responsibility to preserve the land that we are borrowing from future generations.

“It saddens me that we have become so disconnected from the one tangible part of our existence that provides and sustains life. Climate change is a direct response to the mamae and neglect that we have inflicted to the earth in pursuit of material happiness. I think that intuitively we know all the answers. It is just a matter of going against the grain, reawakening our dormant spiritual intelligence and being brave enough to disagree with what we are conditioned to think is ok”

Hannah is currently in her last year of a Bachelor of Music and a co-director of a production company No Six. She strives to merge her love for the environment, music and storytelling to provoke thought and encourage more Pasifika people to champion environmental progression.