The Climate Talks ‘18 Rōpū

In 2017, the first delegation organised, led and made up of indigenous youth attended the UN Climate talks in Bonn, Germany. This year Te Ara Whatu will be sending a delegation of 7 awesome rangatahi Māori and Pasifika to Katowice, Poland for the 24th annual conference.

From the historic environmental destruction and cultural harm done to indigenous communities by the fossil fuel industry to rising sea levels and increasing droughts, climate change has drastically altered what it means to be a young person in this time in history. This is why we are going to the climate talks - to push for solutions that centre the needs of our peoples, act in solidarity with our indigenous whanaunga around the world, and learn from experts in the kaupapa.

Every year, countries meet to co-ordinate international efforts to address climate change. In 2015 the Paris Agreement was made. Since then the climate talks have been focussed on how this agreement will be implemented. In December 2018, the stepping stones and guiding rules to implementing the agreement will be confirmed in Poland. 

We look forward to sharing our journey and learnings with you as we engage with this kaupapa.

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