India Logan-Riley calls for rangatahi to join us in the fight for climate action


Guys, I don't often share but here goes.

Yes, the Zero Carbon Bill was finally announced yesterday and much credit needs to go to my friends that have worked so hard. However, I am finding it hard to be excited by it after being shaken by some pretty intense climate crisis grief.

On Tuesday night, I was hit by an ugly crying panic attack as the penny dropped. I saw Māori communities still being targeted by the colonial system even as we are told to be glad that climate action is happening.

Today I sat on a panel with Jacinda Ardern and Megan Woods who repeatedly affirmed that industry's right to have use of our resources is more important than mana whenua's right to wellbeing.

Last week Minister Megan Woods announced more land was being made available for fossil fuel exploration in Taranaki - without mana whenua consent.

Last month OMV applied to pollute our moana while they explore for oil off the east coast of Te Wai Pounamu - without mana whenua consent.

Right now families are protecting Ihumatao, a precious place of heritage and home to many. The police are about to try remove them. The 480 houses have been given the go ahead by Fletchers, local council and government - WITHOUT. MANA. WHENUA. CONSENT.

I can no longer accept that we are still having to fight this fight, and I will not accept passing it on to the next generation to shoulder. I'm going to say this louder for the colonizers at the back. No means no. No doesn't mean come back next year. It means no, and never again.

I'm so grateful for Te Ara Whatu. In the rest of this year we are going to:
✊🏽Push for a Zero Carbon Bill that honours Te Tiriti in full.
✊🏾Upskill rangatahi Māori and Pacific people to advocate for our communities
✊🏿And continue to provide a safe space for indigenous youth to wānanga our future.

If you are a rangatahi Māori or Pacific Person (up to 30 is how we define young 😉) who wants to get involved, hit me up.

If you're someone who wants to put dollars down to fund a climate change and activism wānanga for indigenous youth then get in touch.

P.S. My silver lining is my little sister telling me yesterday that she and her friends are filling a car with youth from Hawkes Bay to come to the Climate Challenge in Auckland. Goodness, they get this #proudsibling

And the bottle in the photo is from the first gas field tapped in NZ, "Maui" dated 20-3-69. These bottles could be purchased as a souvenir back in the day 😮😲😮

Photo description top: India Logan-Riley with late afternoon shadows on her face in Katowice, Poland. She is wearing a grey scarf to cover most of her face.

Image description bottom: A shirt laid flat with the phrase "The Earth is my Government" with a small souvenir bottle of Maui no. 1 crude oil lying on it.

Te Ara Whatu